Sale! 20 feuilles d'OR 35mm x 35mm pour SPA visage esthetique +

20 sheets of gold 35mm x 35mm for aesthetic face SPA

or visage spa

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Gold leaf for the face.

Package of 20 sheets of 35mm x 35mm.

Cosmetics, Aesthetics, face mask and beauty.

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24K Gold Foil Face Mask

For all women! A new and unique treatment whose tradition dates back to the most beautiful hours of Egypt: gold leaf. Queen Cleopatra used to heal her face with gold, which she used as a mask at night.

Gold leaves to fade wrinkles ...

Facials with golden leaves are the delight of mature and sensitive skin. The face rejuvenates at once with wrinkles and fine lines faded. The anti-aging properties of a mask with gold leaf are no longer questionable, gold perfectly fills the signs of aging of the skin. To be used once a week or once a month depending on the condition of the face, gold leaf care is proving to be most effective.

Gold leaves to increase the elasticity of the skin ...

Absorbed quickly by the epidermis, this precious metal acts by increasing the elasticity of the skin. The latter becomes more toned and more flexible. A real beauty mask and a facelift, the gold leaves are able to instantly embellish the skin. The face thus regains all its vigor and all its brilliance.

Gold leaves to remedy unwanted spots ...

Who would not dream of having a perfect skin like that of Queen Cleopatra who slept with a gold mask on her face and bathed in donkey milk? Using gold leaf for facial care is the best alternative for natural care without side effects. This method removes unwanted spots and skin imperfections from the purifying and detoxifying properties of gold.

Gold leaves for a clean and bright face ...

A symbol of luxury and beauty, gold has all the merits. Highly appreciated by the goldsmiths, he has also conquered cosmetologists to the point of designing skincare products for the face and body. In practice, the laying of these gold leaves on the face will be done after carefully removing the skin. A gold care for a beauty in gold ...

Gold as a complexion illuminator

The gold leaf can also be used as a finish to your makeup, to give your skin an incandescent glow. Gold reflects the light and makes you shine! The power of Pure Gold as a facial removes from the first use deep impurities in the skin that dull the complexion and clean thoroughly. Pure Gold is non-allergenic and suitable for all skin types. The tonic infusion for the face is multi-purpose.

Application process of gold leaves on your skin

A gold leaf is so fine that it dissolves easily in contact with the epidermis.

1Det it simply on your face previously cleaned and hydrated

2. leave for about 20 minutes until you feel a sensation of warmth (gold is the conductor of the body heat, it's perfectly normal)

3. use a few drops of serum or your usual cream to massage the gold that will penetrate the skin, then rub gently. The gold leaf disappears in a few seconds.

4. rid the impurities with a cotton disc.

The ideal is to perform this ritual in the evening, before going to bed