feuille d'OR 35mm x 35mm 24 carats pur qualité professionnelle (10/20/50/100 feuilles) +

gold sheet 35mm x 35mm 24 carats pure professional quality (10/20/50/100 sheets)

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Food gold leaf 35mm X 35mm

24 carats in pack of 10/20/50 sheets

professional quality

controlled and guaranteed by an independent laboratory approved by the French customs COOKSON CLAL

European and American standards E 175

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7,90 € tax incl.

24-carat gold leaf

Gold, when worked in a certain way, can become an edible metal that is not allergenic or toxic to the body. It has long been authorized by the European Commission, mainly as decoration in the field of cooking and baking. In any case, gold has no taste and is therefore not intended to feed anyone. Edible gold leaf is also used to create jewelry, pens and other small gold coins.

We can find food gold in the form of powder, straw, flake or - as on our site - in the form of gold leaf. Our gold leaves are 24 carats and delivered in booklet form. For 35mm x 35mm sheets, you can choose to buy a sheet of 10 sheets of gold, or a sheet of 20/50/100 gold leaf.

The food gold we provide you, is of a professional quality. It is used by many individuals, lovers of good food, but also by many chefs and other signs that we provide. The gold leaf food brings a touch of luxury at a wedding, anniversary or cocktail. In the form of gold powder, he even invites himself in our glasses of champagne!

Good to know: the gold leaf food can also be used to create beauty masks. Gold relieves mature, sensitive skin and acts as a very effective natural anti-wrinkle!

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