LOT 10 Feuilles d'or (35mm x 35mm) + 10 feuilles d'Argent (40 mm x 40mm) +

LOT 10 sheets of gold (35mm x 35mm) + 10 sheets of silver (40 mm x 40mm)

10F or 10F ag

New product

35 x 35mm gold leaf + 40 x 40mm silver leaf

10 sheets of pure gold 24 carats + 10 sheets of silver 999/1000

professional quality food

European and American standards E174 and E175

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8,99 € tax incl.

Food silver leaves

Pure Silver Leaves - Purity 999/1000 - edible - Silver titrated 999/1000 and hammered by hand, it has a shine both sustained and refined. The money is used in confectionery. It has a germicidal and bactericidal action. The Venetians carried water, wine and vinegar in silver reservoirs to preserve them and during the conquest of the American West, the pioneers protected their water supply by placing silver coins in their skins or barrels. Silver is also an industrial food additive E174.

 Food gold leaf

Pure gold is unalterable, making it a coveted metal. This gave him a symbolic charge as soon as it was discovered by man; it is as eternal as the gods, shining like the sun, symbolizing power and the divine. Leaves of Gold - 24 Carats - 999/1000 - Edible is thus used to create jewels, medals, luxury items (watch, pen). It can also be used in the form of leaves for gilding woodwork, books, ironwork by a gilding process; as well as chocolate candies in the West and cakes in India.

Food gold is the big trend of wedding parties birthday ceremonies or cocktails ... and more particularly the golden leaves. But we also find this edible gold in the form of flakes or flakes.

The golden leaves are no longer reserved for great pastry chefs or fine groceries, gold leaf food is more and more inviting for our meals of the end of the year.

The food gold is invited in the champagne and even in the lemonade!

 To make a luxury lemonade: In the drink, sprinkle gold flakes to sparkle 24-carat gold flakes in suspension.

Amaze your guests!

Cooking shows on television such as Top Chef, Master Chef, The Best Pastry Chef, are very popular. Macaroons, operas, Cup-Cakes, nothing escapes! Noble and refined material, without any impact on the taste, the food gold will be a fabulous way to amaze your guests.

The gold leaf is the result of a very physical craftsmanship, that of the gold drummer, but essentially obtained nowadays mechanically to obtain sheets of a thickness of about 2 microns. The sheets are then cut with a punch (35mm by 35, 45mm by 45, 80mm by 80) then placed between 2 sheets of protection. Gold leaves for culinary use are obtained in the same way as leaves for furniture restoration, for example. The only essential and obvious condition, the hygiene requirements necessary for their production and purity. The food gold brings a touch of luxury and refinement. Its use is authorized by the European Union and the United States for food decoration under its code E-175 (Or-AURUM) in the list of food additives. Gold is an edible food metal, non-allergenic, tasteless and chemically inert. SIM DEPOT food foil is approved for "food" according to the European legislation in force.